SQL Server and Other Topics


I got my start with SQL Server in 1997 with SQL Server 6.5 at BellSouth Cellular. From that point on I've had the opportunity to work on Versions 6.0 to 2014. I specialize in Performance Tuning, High Availability and SQL Development. Contact me through this site or through my Twitter handle @SQLDiver

Every year SQLSaturday Nashville is the kick off of the year of SQLSaturdays (this year #2 behind SQLSat Atlanta BI). Any way, the event is always one of my favorites.

This year we were on a new campus at Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro, TN. I joined a great group of guys Jan. 16th, most I would call great friends many close acquaintances.

 The best part of speaking this year was my session was picked as an hour and a half session. My session on Execution Plans needs at least 90 minutes to cover the most important information. I have to skip over so much of execution plans it is hard to comprehend some parts.

When I ask the question, who doesn't know what parallelism is in SQL Server, many raise their hands. These guys are beginners who need to full story to understand the operator in the graphical execution plan.

I like to give the analogy of a law office (my law office). And all of the attendees (the threads) in the room are contract legal assistants hired to redact a line in every case. And the Room Monitor is the synchronization thread. But that is another story for another post.

Some of the sessions I enjoyed was Rodney Landrum's session about the 4th dimension. Awesome. Brandon Leaches, Data Pages, Allocation Units, IAM chains... Oh My!

 It was a good time had by all and the feedback I received was awesome. I love when eople come up at the end and tell me how much the session si going to help them.