SQL Server and Other Topics


I got my start with SQL Server in 1997 with SQL Server 6.5 at BellSouth Cellular. From that point on I've had the opportunity to work on Versions 6.0 to 2014. I specialize in Performance Tuning, High Availability and SQL Development. Contact me through this site or through my Twitter handle @SQLDiver

Having worked for very large enterprise corporations, I expected the effort to gain access to the environments to be quite difficult, but its still frustrating.

I've been brought in with the task of performance tuning post migration from Sybase to SQL Server 2008. The migration will continue on through the time my contract is up. Two weeks in and I'm not sure what the environments look like. Their UAT environment is an exact copy of production  according to the database team.

The team seems to be quite competent and very willing to help.

First lesson, patience. More to come once I dig into it.

Today I take the leap towards joining many of my friends in the big world of consulting. Having worked my whole life for "the man", an opportunity appeared that pushed me out of my comfort zone doing something I really enjoy doing, SQL Server.

The contract, starting August  12th, out of the gate is with Barclays Capital in New York which should last about 90 days.

I'll check in frequently to let you know how it is going.