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I got my start with SQL Server in 1997 with SQL Server 6.5 at BellSouth Cellular. From that point on I've had the opportunity to work on Versions 6.0 to 2014. I specialize in Performance Tuning, High Availability and SQL Development. Contact me through this site or through my Twitter handle @SQLDiver

SQLServer 2016 is HERE!!

Features I'm looking forward to:

  1. Always Encrypted

    Daily an enterprise organization has made a bad decision of not keeping their sensitive data protected. Why? Well, the excuse is its too expensive, too difficult, will take too long, will slow down the database, yada, yada. You're not going to get away with the whining any more. Always Encrypted is a solution that should make the process of encrypting sensitive data at rest and in motion at a point the much of the data enters the database (the application). Yes, of course, just like other encryption technologies, you need to plan the process of encrypting your data.

  2. Stretch Database

    One of the coolest ideas for "stretching" data rarely used to the cloud. There are lots of limitations currently as well as some cost issues that make it very difficult for the average Joe to afford the Stretch Database feature. I'm hoping they get this one fixed fairly quickly. Please?

  3. Query Data Store!!!!

    Ever since seeing Conor Cunnigham talk about this feature  at Summit 2014 my mouth has been watering. I started playing with it as soon as CTP 1 was released. The best article I found at the time was by Enrico van de Laar called The SQL Server 2016 Query Store: Overview and Architecture. This is going to make performance tuning more easier with more detail data available, the tools that monitor performance will begin to use the Query Store for its monitor data. Can't wait until all databases are on 2016... oh well... guess I'll be retired by then.

  4. Live Query Statistics

    I've been playing with this one a lot. Since it works with SQL Server 2014 (what? Yep!) as long as you're using SSMS 2016+ you will get Live Query Statistics for SQL Server 2014. I've been showing this one in my Performance Tuning for Mere Mortals sessions and pre-cons with Ed Watson. IT is a beautiful thing.

    Did you ever have someone bring you a @#%! stored procedure that takes forever to complete? You would have to wait hours for the graphical execution plan to complete in order to see where the bottleneck is. Not any more! Now you can see the operators percents, and information as the query is running.

  5. Dynamic Data Masking!

    Ok, there are a lot of issues in V1, you can easily get around the dynamic data masking, and can accidentally overwrite the actual data with the mask... but it is a good start. I won't use it in V1..until they have the issues worked out, but nice start.

  6. Row Level Security... woohoo.
    1. Now were getting somewhere with security. We can control what a user or group has access to at a row level. This would have been very useful a few years ago for several projects I had. Maybe. I still need to evaluate it closely to determine if it will be beneficial.
  7. Ok, Data Scientists... R, yes R is in 2016. It too has a long way to go to be fully usable (as I hear).

And it doesn't stop there... but I'm going to have to stop here for now. See you soon!


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