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I got my start with SQL Server in 1997 with SQL Server 6.5 at BellSouth Cellular. From that point on I've had the opportunity to work on Versions 6.0 to 2014. I specialize in Performance Tuning, High Availability and SQL Development. Contact me through this site or through my Twitter handle @SQLDiver

SQLSaturdays 1-2-3 Here we go!

Starting in June, the SQL Saturdays start ramping up. This year in June I did SQLSaturday Chattanooga. Once I got past Chattanooga I got a bit of a breather. Then its Indianapolis August 13, Spartanburg August 20 and Columbus, GA August 27 - 1-2-3, one right after the other. I sadly, but luckily wasn't picked for Louisville. That would have made 4 in a row. 

For those that don't speak, this is an opportunity to meet many of the newbies out there looking for help. I'm from a time when our options for help were limited. I bought a bunch of books, Ken Henderson's, Ron Soukup, Patrick Dalton... many people didn't get the benefit of learning from these guys. Ken died in 2008, a great loss for everyone in the SQL Server community.

This is why I speak, to pass on the things that I've learned over the 20 years I've been playing around with SQL Server. I love meeting newbies and mentoring the guys who have been doing this for a few short years. It is why I do what I do.

I'll never forget meeting the guys I followed later in my profession, like Denny Cherry, Kalen Delaney, Paul and Kimberly... the list goes on. Even some of my close friends that I drink a beer with every Thursday are on that list. People on that list are associates I work with through Linchpin People, SolidQ, Intellinet and even Microsoft.

Every SQLSaturday I speak at I build a new relationship with a speaker... Indianapolis was especially true of this where I got to spend a lot of time with Kevin Kline, Ginger Grant, Adam Machanic...not to mention my middle school buddy...Aaron Cutshall.

This is where I get my inspiration to speak!

So readers... its your turn! Put your session together and submit! If you want someone to look at your presentation and give some feedback... send it to me.


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